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Announcements & Housing Issues
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CES Gets Grant Support for its Work from Small Business


KJ Ward announced that CES has been awarded a mini-grant through his communications strategy practice, The award goes to community-based organizations that have done exceptional work in the area of social justice.  Read more here...

CES Receives Prestigious Award for Its Work on Behalf of Los Angeles & California Tenants


The Coalition for Economic Survival (CES) was a proud recipient of the California Reinvestment Coalition's prestigious community heroes 2012 CRA Panther Award.  Read more here...

A Spectacular Day for Tenants, Rent Control & Eviction Protections in the Courts of Law


On the same day that U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal that would have challenged New York City's rent stabilization laws, and possible threaten rent control laws nationwide, the California Court of Appeals made a significant ruling in regards to providing tenants eviction protections on a case in which CES was an Amicus.  Read more here...

Court Provides Huge Victory for Low Income Section 8 Tenants Facing Eviction


On April 12, 2012, the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of Los Angeles County ruled that Section 8 renters in the City of Los Angeles are protected by just cause eviction protections when landlords attempt to terminate their Section 8 voucher program (Housing Choice Voucher Program) contract.   Read more here...

National Alliance of HUD Tenants Protest Outside Landlord Lobbyist Office to Demand Support for Bill Providing Information on How Their HUD Buildings Are Being Operated


The Coalition for Economic Survival is a member of The National Alliance of HUD Tenants (NAHT). NAHT is the leading national organization of HUD tenants and organizations fighting to preserve HUD subsidized housing and ensure HUD tenants their rights.  Read more here...

NBA: Discipline Team Owner for Racist Housing Discrimination


On November 3, 2009, the U.S. Department of Justice announced the largest settlement ever obtained in a rental housing discrimination case.  The defendant: Los Angeles Clippers' owner and mega-landlord Donald Sterling.

Tenants Together, California's statewide renters' rights organization that CES is a member of, responds with a video and petition campaign.  Read more here...

LA Rent Control Study Reveals That Rent Burden to Tenants Has 
Increased Significantly, While Landlords Profits Continue to Rise


A recently released study documents that over half of LA City tenants living in rent controlled apartments are paying unaffordable rents, while landlords who own rent controlled apartments have seen their profits skyrocket.

The Study found that the LA City Rent Control law covers 66% of LA’s inventory of rental units. However, the majority of LA renters are rent-burdened, paying over 30 percent of their income for rent, and roughly a third are severely rent-burdened, paying half or more of their income for rent.  Read more here...

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Governor Signs Two Important
Tenants' Rights Bills, But Vetoes Another


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed two important tenants’ rights bills providing tenants across California a significant victory. Unfortunately, the Governor also vetoed a bill that would have provided needed protection for mobile home owners from greedy owners’ attempts to convert their mobile home parks.

SB 290 (Leno – D – San Francisco) will make the 60-day notice requirement for no-fault evictions permanent.

SB 120 (Lowenthal – D – Long Beach) provides tenants increased protection against utility shutoffs, including tenants in single family homes.

Read more here...

Progressive Democrats Sell Out Mobile Home Owners
California Assembly Delivers Blow to Rent Control


Tenants' rights advocates were recently shocked when a bill, AB 761 (Calderon, D-Whittier), that would severely cripple all of California's over 100 local mobile-home rent control laws, passed the Assembly with the minimum votes needed. What was so shocking is that the bill only passed due to the support of a number of Los Angeles area progressive and liberal Democrats providing their support. 

LA area Assembly Member Democrats Karen Bass, John Perez, Mike Davis, Anthony Portantino, Ed Hernandez and Kevin De Leon all voted for this horrendous anti-rent control bill.

Read more here...

America's Growing Housing and Homelessness Crisis Increases as More Tent Cities Appear Across the Nation
In the wake of the housing crash, "tent cities" have been springing up in several places in California. The story is not that new. However, it has not received much mainstream press. Therefore, many are unaware this is even happening.  Watch the video and read more here...

Tenants Together Presents Today's Worst Landlord in the World!

If you think your landlord is crazy, you've got to see this!  Watch the exclusive video and read more here...

President-Elect Obama Picks Shaun Donovan as New HUD Secretary

President-Elect Barak Obama hit another one out of the park with his pick for the nation's housing chief. Affordable housing advocates should be excited and enthusiastic about the nomination of Shaun Donovan for Secretary of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). 
Read more here...

CES Tenants' Rights Hero of the Month - October 2008

An outraged sheriff in Illinois who refuses to evict "innocent" renters from foreclosed homes criticized mortgage companies and said the law should protect victims of the mortgage meltdown. 
View the video and read more here...

Rent Control Lives as Voters Crush Prop 98 & Support Prop 99

California voters roundly rejected Proposition 98 and supported Proposition 99 in the June 3rd Primary. 
Click here for election results...

The Story of Chavez Ravine (Video)

The fight to preserve affordable housing and prevent displacement, as the one CES is waging, is a historic one in Los Angeles, as it is across the nation. 
View the video and read more here...

CES Supports Tenants' Together

The following is a statement by Tenants' Together, a newly formed statewide tenant organization of which CES is a founding member. 
Read more here...

California Voters Support Rent Control
Huge Victory for Tenants & Stinging Landlord Defeat

California voters have squarely rejected a landlord attempt to abolish rent control in California. Prop. 98 would have amended California's constitution to ban rent control. Read more here...

Lincoln Place Tenants Win in Court!
Evictions Halted!!!  Evicted Tenant Might Move Back - 20 Years of Struggle Pays Off...For Now

Lincoln Place Tenants scored a major victory when the California Court of Appeals sided with tenants, ruling that the pending evictions were unlawful...Read more here...


Court Victory For Tenants in a Long Battle

The few remaining residents can stay in their rent-controlled units at a Venice complex a firm is seeking to redevelop. 

In the latest twist in one of Los Angeles' longest-running battles over gentrification, a state appellate court has ruled that tenants of an apartment complex slated for redevelopment can stay in their rent-controlled units.  Read more here...

Quick Facts About AIMCO's Evictions and the Tenants' Struggle to Save Lincoln Place

AIMCO, the largest owner of apartment buildings in the U.S., acquired full ownership of Lincoln Place Apartments in 2003. Since 2001, it had 50% ownership of the complex. 
Read more here...

Action Alert!!!
Rent Control Loophole Closed

With a City Council Chamber packed on one side with high-priced landlord and developer lobbyists and representatives in expensive tailor-made suits and with the other side filled with tenants and tenant advocates from Call to Action, an alliance of L.A.'s major tenants' rights organizations including CES, many in brightly colored t-shirts proudly displaying their organization's name, the L.A. City Council unanimously approved a long overdue law to close a rent control loophole.  Read more here...

Substantial Tenant Relocation Assistance Increase Victory!!!

But, the campaign to win restrictions on condo conversions and rental housing demolitions continues...Read more here...

60-Day Eviction Notices Now Required in California

Effective January 1, 2007, landlords are required to provide tenants a 60-day eviction notice in most cases in California.  Read more here...

Housing and Tenants' Rights November 7, 2006 California Election Results

As America's voters sent a strong message that they are fed up with George Bush, a Republican controlled Congress and the War in Iraq, here are some local election results that impact affordable housing and tenants' rights.  Read more here...

CES Featured on KCET TV's Life & Times

The Coalition for Economic Survival was featured on KCET TV's Life and Times story on the impact of condo conversions...Read more here...


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