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Housing and Tenants' Rights November 7, 2006 California Election Results

As America's voters sent a strong message that they are fed up with George Bush, a Republican controlled Congress and the War in Iraq, here are some local elections results that impact affordable housing and tenants' rights.

Proposition 90, the dangerous state measure that would have threatened rent control and the ability to enact any future tenants' rights laws, such as restricting condo conversions and housing demolitions, thankfully went down to defeat.

Proposition 1C, the state housing bond measure, passed.

Proposition H, the City of LA $1 billion housing bond measure, while receiving a strong majority of votes, fell short of the two-thirds required vote need for approval.

Measure I, the City of Berkeley measure to weaken Berkeley's strong condo conversion law in going down to a 2 to 1 big defeat.

Proposition H, San Francisco's measure to increase relocation assistance for evicted tenants, passed 55-45.

Proposition 90 - Eminent Domain/Rent Control Threat - CA
  Votes %
No 3,418,156 52.47
Yes 3,096,043 47.53


Proposition IC - Housing & Shelter Bond - CA
  Votes %
Yes 3,777,763 57.47
No 2,795,771 42.53


Measure H - $1 Billion Affordable Housing Bond - Los Angeles
  Votes %
Yes 350,625 62.29
No 212,265 37.71


Measure I - Would have raised the annual limit on condo conversions from 100 to 500 units, allowing easier tenant evictions and reducing an affordable housing conversion -Berkeley
  Votes %
No 19,758 73.47
Yes 7, 136 26.53


Proposition H - Increases Tenant Relocation Assistance - San Fransisco
  Votes %
Yes 84,047 54.3
No 70,634 45.7

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