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November 2013

CES Continues to Assist Park LaBrea Tenants in Efforts to Secure Safe & Working Elevator

Members of Renters United at Park La Brea After Another Meeting with Council Member Tom LaBonge Regarding Problems With Their Elevators. (L to R: Jon Neustadter, Jim Rea, Jason Green, Marvin Warsofsky, Arno Hahn)

Following up on their successful October 1 forum on the elevator problems where some 200 angry Park La Brea tenants showed up, tenant leaders have been busy at organizing assisted by CES.

Since that meeting tenants established Renters United at Park La Brea (RUPLB) to develop a campaign to ensure there are safe and working elevators.

RUPLB, so far has done the following: met with Park La Brea management officials, had two meetings with Council Member Tom LaBonge, his staff members and an official with the L.A. Department of Building and Safety, were interviewed on KTLK radio's the David Cruz Show, organized a data base of interested Park La Brea tenants and has established a Facebook page.

While they have already won some concessions and commitments from Park La Brea management, serious problems still exist.

These problems are clearly stated in the recently received email from a Park La Brea tenant that follows:

"I was trapped in the elevator myself tonight. I rang the alarm bell, but received no response. I attempted to call 911, but received no cell service in the elevator. Fortunately I was able to pry the elevator doors open with my hands. If I'd been unable to do so, I'm confident that I would have remained trapped in the elevator for a very long time. 'After returning to my apartment, I attempted to call PLB security to inform them that the elevator is malfunctioning and needs to be serviced before someone else--perhaps someone unable to pull two sets of elevator doors open with his or her own hands--becomes trapped inside. Not surprisingly, my call rang to voicemail. I left a message."

With 4,255 units located in 18 13-story towers and 31 2-story garden apartment buildings, Park La Brea Apartments is the largest housing development in the U.S. west of the Mississippi River. It sits on 160 acres of land.

Renters United at Park La Brea Now on Facebook

CES assisted Renters United at Park La Brea in setting up a Facebook page. If you are on Facebook visit their page and 'Like' it to show your support and follow their efforts.

Click Here to Visit the RUPLB Facebook Page

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