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June, 2009

Save Your City Web Site Set Up to Fight State Budget Cuts



The League of California Cities, who CES worked closely with to defeat Proposition 98 (the statewide anti-rent control measure) last year, has launched a website www.saveyourcity.net to heighten awareness and generate media interest on the damaging effects to vital city services, if the state takes city dollars to balance the California's budget.
The web site is posting video messages to the Governor and state legislators from local elected officials, community and labor organization leaders and individuals urging them to keep their hands off of funds needed to provide vital services and jobs in localities. People's access to things like health care, affordable housing, parks, libraries and jobs are being threatened.

If you OPPOSE these state raids on local government funds, including city and redevelopment monies that encourage public security and foster economic growth, then you will want to visit www.saveyourcity.net. You can see the video posted by CES Executive Director Larry Gross below or by clicking here.

And if you want to upload your own video message to Sacramento, you can sign up and do that too at www.saveyourcity.net.


Watch the Save Your City video posted by CES Executive Director Larry Gross!

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