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Los Angeles Wave

Wednesday January 04, 2012

The Soulvine

By Betty Pleasant, Contributing Editor

TO THE RESCUE - The thousands of tenants in the hundreds of Jones & Jones-ow ned apartment buildings have been rescued from the owner's demands that they pay their rent only online, thanks to the combined efforts of the Coalition for Economic Survival (CES), the Housing Department, the city attorney and City Council President Wesson, who brought the full force of the city upon this mega-landlord. While the city was reading the riot act to Jones & Jones, CES attorneys, acting on behalf of all the tenants, was sending a demand letter to the management company telling it to drop its online-only rent payment requirement on or before Jan. 1, or they would "seek appropriate judicial relief." Wesson's office said the landlord agreed to obey the laws affecting this matter and leave these tenants be. Chalk up another one for the little guys and gals.

Another issue involving Jones & Jones properties is about to rear its ugly head and it involves residents' complaints about capital improvement rent increases and CES is on it, and I'm jumping on it too.

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