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CES In The News

Los Angeles Times

Friday May 26, 2006

OPINIONS: Letters to the Editor

Condo conversions and developers' risks
Re "Where'd my apartment go?" Current, May 21

There is an outbreak of condominium conversions and housing demolitions ripping the hearts and souls of L.A. communities. Los Angeles, already facing one of the worst affordable housing shortages in the nation, is now affected by condo-mania, which is displacing large numbers of renters and destroying scarce affordable housing.

Over the last five years, more than 11,000 condo- and demolition-related evictions occurred, 65% of these since 2005, according to the L.A. Housing Department. The condos being created are way beyond the financial reach of most L.A. renters. Tenants faced with eviction can't find affordable apartments in their neighborhoods and are being forced out of the area, even out of the state.

Tenants must persuade the L.A. City Council to enact a moratorium on condo conversions and housing demolitions while it develops permanent laws to better protect renters and affordable housing. Without concrete government action, we will be left with a city only the wealthy can afford, and the face of Los Angeles will be changed forever.

Executive Director
Coalition for Economic Survival
Los Angeles

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