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Tuesday November 28, 2006

Editorials & Letters

Renters Beware

Re: "Property rights fight on again" (Nov. 25):

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A new sleazy attempt to eliminate rent control is under way. As reported, failed Proposition 90 supporters are now trying to qualify the California Property Owners Protection Act for the ballot. What's not reported is this is another thinly veiled attempt to wipe out rent control in California.

The measure prohibits damaging private property for "private use," which is defined as "use which provides an economic benefit to one or more private persons at the expense of the private property owner such as a limitation on the amount a property owner may charge another private person to purchase or use his or her property." This means, if passed, a municipality could not limit the rent a landlord could charge a tenant for the use of his/her property. Rent control throughout the state would be abolished.

- Larry Gross
Coalition for Economic Survival
Los Angeles

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