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October 07, 2015

Who Should Pay to Make Apartments "Earthquake Safe?"

Which Way, L.A.?


Soft story partial collapse due to inadequate shear strength at ground level, Loma Prieta earthquake (JK Nakata / US Geological Survey)

When the Sylmar Earthquake brought down concrete apartment houses, 52 people were killed. Sixteen lost their lives when wooden, "soft story" buildings collapsed during the Northridge quake. Today, LA City Council members are looking at earthquake retrofitting proposals tough enough to make history. We hear what's at stake for landlords and tenants.

Coalition for Economic Survival Executive Director Larry Gross appeared on KCRW's "Which Way LA?" on October 07, 2015.


Lucy Jones, US Geological Survey, (@DrLucyJones)

Larry Gross, Coalition for Economic Survival, (@la_ces)

Jim Clarke, Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles, (@AptAssocGLA)



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