Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Coalition for Economic Survival
Los Angeles, California
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Coalition for 
Economic Survival

514 Shatto Place
Suite 270
Los Angeles, California 
Phone: (213)252-4411
Fax: (213)252-4422

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514 Shatto Place, Suite 270
Los Angeles, CA 90020
Telephone: (213)252-4411
Fax: (213)252-4422

CES Staff


Larry Gross
Executive Director


Slum Housing/Healthy Homes Tenant Organizing

Carlos Aguilar
Director of Organizing and
Tenant/Healthy Homes Outreach


Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP) Tenant Outreach

Victor Amaya
REAP Tenant Outreach Organizer


Assisted Affordable Housing Preservation Tenant Outreach

John Parks
Affordable Housing Tenant Outreach Organizer


Tenants' Rights Legal Clinic

Wendell Jones
Clinic Counselor / Wednesday Coordinator

Greta Ponce de Léon
Tenants' Rights Outreach Organizer / Saturday Coordinator

Grace Hut
Tenants' Rights Outreach Organizer




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