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Stronger Housing Code Enforcement

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The City of Los Angeles contracts with the Coalition for Economic Survival  (CES) and four other tenants' rights groups to provide outreach to tenants living in slum buildings which are subject to the Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP), Utility Maintenance Program (UMP) and Urgent Repair Program (URP).

A building is put into REAP when there are severe housing code violations that the landlord has refused to repair. Rents are significantly reduced to tenants in REAP building and the tenants are encouraged to pay their reduced rent to the City, not the landlord, until the needed repairs are made...



UMP addresses cases where the landlord has not paid the water or electricity and service to tenants is at risk.  URP is used when the owner refuses to make repairs to conditions which are life threatening and the City steps in to make sure repairs are made.

Under the contract, CES conducts outreach to tenants to educate them on their rights, encourage them to participate in these programs and verify that the repairs are made.

In 1998, in coalition with other tenant groups, CES pressured the L.A. City Council to create the Systematic Code Enforcement Program (SCEP), a program to inspect the City's over 700,000 rental units for electrical, plumbing and structural housing code violations.

CES was also instrumental in establishing the City of Los Angeles' Lead Prevention and Lead Hazard Remediation Programs. The City of LA now treats lead paint dangers as a code violation and if repairs are being made in a unsafe manner that presents additional lead paint dangers to tenants, particularly small children, LA Housing Code Inspectors will issue Stop Work Order to halt the work until there are insurances the work will be done in a safe way. CES and other groups also contract with the City of LA to provide education and outreach to tenants and to work in partnership with Housing Code Inspectors.

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